Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company

It was established in 2002 on a land with an area of about 17,000 square meters in Ashtarjan Industrial Township in 32 km southwest of Isfahan and started its activity using the technical knowledge and experience of more than 200 experienced (expert) manpower with various specialties so far

And carries its activities in three working shifts in the field of production of (bullets and sylpebs), which is used in mines and cement industries and casting all kinds of steel and cast iron parts), which is summarized in three parts)

Production of various types of (sylpebs and white and chrome cast iron bullets), which is used in wet and dry mill

Casting (heavy parts used in power plants, cement, and dam-development industries) such as ARING, HEAD WALL, IMPACT WALL and…

Casting (light parts including anti-wear parts used in cement and mining industries) such as liner and diaphragm and

Heat-resistant parts such as refractory plates of Great cooler, Great Bar and …

 Mission Statement of Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company

Our company has been established in the field of casting in order to supply pellets and sylpebs for mills of cement and mining industries, as well as the production of heavy and semi-heavy parts for domestic and foreign consumers in Iran and we consider domestic and foreign companies as our customers. Our bullet and sylpebs are produced in two types of white and chrome cast iron in different sizes. Our policy is to increase the quality and reduce the wear rate. Design, technology and innovation in casting new parts are conducted by our experts after feasibility study and after sampling and quality control verification tests, production steps are carried out and the products will be sent after final inspections. Honesty, responsiveness, and respect to customer demand (request) are among the main pillars of our work and we consider ourselves as contributing to the improvement of customers supply chain performance. Our company wants to use local knowledge in developing products in accordance with standards in order to maintain domestic market and to increase foreign customers. We consider the productivity increase by the optimal use of raw materials and energy, as well as maintaining the health of the environment and employees are our top priority.

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Vision of Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company

  1. We are determined to be the first producer of mill bullets in Iran using the individual and group knowledge of our employees.
  2. We are going to provide the highest quality services in order to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.
  3. Respecting the demand of our customers is a principle in our work and we are going to reach the true meaning of this principle.
  4. We are going to be the top manufacturer of industrial parts in Iran since we focus our effort on continuous improvement of organizational processes.