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It was established in 2002 on a land with an area of about 17,000 square meters in Ashtarjan Industrial Township in 32 km southwest of Isfahan and started its activity using the technical knowledge and experience of more than 200 experienced (expert) manpower with various specialties so far. And carries its activities in three working shifts in the field of production of bullets and sylpebs, which is used in mines and cement industries and casting all kinds of steel and cast iron parts, which is summarized in three parts.

Casting of Light Weight Parts, Anti-Wear Parts in Coment Industries and Mines Such as Lyner and Diaphragm

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Casting of Heavy Parts Used in Powerhouses, Coment Industries and Dam

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Production of Sylpebs and Whited and Chrome Cast Iron Balls Used in Wet and Dry Mill

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Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company supplies all raw materials for its products from reputable domestic and foreign brands.

Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company gives you the assurance to provide good quality goods at a reasonable price.

All products offered in Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company include a valid warranty and after-sales service.

Professional labor force is the biggest asset of Metallurgical Industries Company and has been able to distinguish the company from others.

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It is one of the honors of a Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company to investigate the requests and respond to inquiries in the shortest possible time and to provide appropriate technical suggestions (offers) and, if necessary, to hold several meetings to provide a solution proportionate to the project requirements. You can contact Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company experts to receive consultation in choosing our products proportionate to your profession and field of work. Mosammam Metallurgical Industries Company is active in the field of production of pellet and sylepbs used in mines and cement industries, as well as casting all kinds of steel and cast iron parts.